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Junior Tennis Lessons — JW Marriott SATURDAY Ages 6-8 years old Beginners — 4/4/2020

Starts 10:00 AM Ends 11:00 AM

8 week program
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Ages 6 - 8 year old Beginner Tennis Class is offered Monday & Wednesday at 5:00 pm, and on Saturday's at 10 am.

Each student will need their own tennis racquet

Hand-eye coordination drills, racquet control, and ball tracking skills are emphasized during this one hour weekly tennis class.   Tennis strokes are introduced weekly, with a lot of review and repetition.  The Forehand, the Backhand, the Volley, the Serve, and the names of each tennis point.   Tennis games are played to reinforce learning.  Tennis homework includes dribbling, or bouncing the ball down 25 times, and turning the racquet over, and bouncing the ball UP 25 times on the racquet face.   Finding a backboard, or a wall at home is useful for practicing "bounce-HIT" and timing.

Dress your tennis student for an athletic experience. Comfortable clothing, maybe a hat, or a visor for sun protection.  Students can bring along a bottle of water, or their favorite sports beverage.   We appreciate the opportunity to provide tennis instruction at the beautiful JW Marriott Resort.   Please be mindful when entering or exiting the tennis facility.   We ask that students WALK, use quiet voices, and to take any snack wrappers, or beverage bottles with them when leaving the Tennis Facility.   Replace patio furniture back to the orginal position.

If your student misses a tennis class due to illness or travel, you have the opportunity to attend a "make up" class, at the END of the session, in WEEK #8.  Send an e-mail to the A.T.A. Office requesting a make up on the specific date, to allow us to notify the instructor to expect your student.

JW Marriott has a PAY to Park system, A.T.A. students do NOT have to pay to park...   IF you want to stay and watch the tennis class, PLEASE plan to VALIDATE your parking ticket in the TENNIS PRO SHOP.

E-mail address for the A.T.A. office

Location Information

JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort
5350 East Marriott Drive
Scottsdale , Arizona 85054